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Naturally, the success of such an undertaking also involves the availability of sufficient numbers of good, creative people for its realization. Good music projects, as any of you who have been in them know, usually require some pretty good engineers and musicians, and some models. Keygen Church and MBR is founded on the beliefs and values of The National Coil, and seeking out and hiring people who embody the same values in their everyday lives is at the heart of our policy. You are also free to read the band's Big Picture page.

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Aside from the masses of busy scene players and dedicated labels that agree with our beliefs and values, there are also keygen church artists and labels who are excited about the potential of our studio, and use our facilities on a regular basis. These folks include Darkest Day, Shadow Serpent, Eternal Apathy, Feldkirche among others. We believe that although some people quickly and easily associate a blackened death label with Triptykon, Morbus Chron, Nosferatu or some other band, there is a large audience for "yet another" band under a blackened death guise, and Keygen Church is here to fill that role.

In addition to the three Keygen Church albums and MBR EP so far, the studio has also done quite a bit of work in the realm of art for Liege Direkt, and the Darkest Day workshop series has given us a lot of material to work with over the years. We are happy to be able to continue to provide other artists with the tools they need to create their own art in addition to the three Keygen Church and MBR releases.


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