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The interjection came to be used as the word for the call or warning (compare alert). It was extended 16c. to "any sound to warn of danger or to arouse," and to the device that gives it. From mid-15c. as "a state of fearful surprise;" the weakened sense of "apprehension, unease" is from 1833. The variant alarum (mid-15c.) is due to the rolling -r- in the vocalized form. Sometimes in early years it was Englished as all-arm. Alarm clock is attested from 1690s (as A Larum clock).


This text is "an alarum of war given to the army, and to their High Court of Justice by the will of God" by Elizabeth Pooll (also known as Poole), who is referred to as a messenger of the Lord. After the miss prophesying of King Charles' execution, Pooll wrote and distributed "An Alarum of War" defending her title as a prophetess. In the text, Poole addresses the "pretended Church" and Fellowship of Saints in London, who held disbelief in her ability to communicate with the lord after her false prediction. In the Postscript of the writing, Pooll further states her power to communicate word from God and expresses her devout belief in the Church.

Safe-T Group Ltd. has been busy on the business stage. And to better reflect its mission, the company announced a corporate rebranding to better reflect its position in a surging cybersecurity sector. Effective today, Safe-T Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: SFET) and its trading symbol will be identified as Alarum Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: ALAR) with the word "alarum" derived from the Latin word for "warning," which the company notes better reflects its corporate vision, core values, and commitment to providing advanced privacy and cybersecurity solutions.

The rope driven, posted framed 30 hour duration movement with its original Verge escapement and short attached pendulum. The alarum train is set inside the movement to the backplate with the hammer verge arbor rising up through the top plate to sound on the bell internally. The frame is only 3 1/4" square x 4" high.

The break-arch brass dial measures 5" wide x 6 7/8" high and has a silvered chapter ring with Roman hour numerals and an inner quarter hour divided track, The matted centre has the alarum setting disc with protrusions around its perimeter and the hours indicated with Arabic numerals. The corners have 'plumed head' and floral cast spandrels and the arch has 'punch head' and floral spandrels flanking the silvered maker's nameplate stating "Wm. PECK" (of) "BOLNHURST" (Bedfordshire). The blued steel pierced hand has a setting tail against the alarum disc. 041b061a72


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