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Coolest Basketball Jerseys To Buy

Once these threads were introduced to the game, they were a B.I.G. hit ... get it? Sorry. Anyway, these Notorious B.I.G.-inspired jerseys paid homage to the famous Brooklyn rapper's style with their "Brooklyn Camo" trim. -- Lopez

coolest basketball jerseys to buy

Abandoning Detroit's simple blue and red uniforms of the beloved "Bad Boys" era wasn't well-received at the time, but the vivid teal tone and literal Piston graphic jerseys became a cult classic years later. -- DePaula

To distance themselves from the cartoonish yet classic "Barney" dinosaur jerseys, the Raptors went with a more conservative look. But it still had its flair from the two-toned purple front and black back, to the tall and skinny font to the neat silver notches on the sides. -- McMenamin

Oakland jerseys in the last days of Oracle were a dynamic combination for a team that always found a way to rise to the occasion when needed in the midst of winning a second straight title. -- Friedell

The Big Three Miami Heat debuted their "Back to Black" look in 2012, when the Lakers came to South Beach. Basically, it's the tuxedo of basketball uniforms, with black lettering and numbering, featuring white trim. -- Dodson

Redheads wearing red is usually a fashion don't, but don't tell that to Bill Walton, who looked legendary in leading Portland to its only NBA title in 1977 while wearing these classic jerseys. -- Reisinger

For two seasons in the late 1980s, the Cleveland Cavaliers sported a royal blue road uniform with "CAVS" across the jersey's chest. Look closely, and you'll notice the "V" is a basketball dropping in a hoop. -- Dodson

For decades, the Lakers were the lone franchise to not wear white at home. Not long into the "Sunday Whites" era of the 2000s, Kobe Bryant's 81-point game created an iconic moment for the jerseys to be remembered. -- DePaula

While the team's "Fiesta" logo may have featured festive shades of teal, pink and orange, the main on-court jerseys have always stuck to a simple black and silver design, personifying the no-frills approach that the franchise has long been known for. -- DePaula

Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway gave these jerseys an edge. That team played hard and tried to impose its will on the opponents every night with Pat Riley leading the way. The jerseys matched the mindset he wanted to instill on South Beach: toughness. -- Friedell

When the Jazz moved to Utah, they switched from purple road jerseys to green. They switched back in 1984, became a Western Conference contender, and went back to a similar look for their current jersey set. -- Reisinger

Stemming from an intern's suggestion, 1988 Olympic gold medalist Florence Griffith Joyner was tapped to rebrand the Pacers, after earning praise for her own elaborate racing uniform designs. The vertically striped "Flo-Jo" jerseys have been considered the franchise's best ever since. -- DePaula

When you have an iconic regular set of jerseys, it's hard to add something that will also stick out. But that's just what the Bulls did with this jersey. Going with black made sense, but adding the pinstripes took it over the top. And red pinstripes at that? Brilliant. -- Lopez

When someone says "Detroit Pistons jerseys," this is what comes to mind (unless you're at Coachella, where teal horses run free). The Bad Boys won in classic red, white and blue, and the team brought a similar look back in 2001, just in time for another championship run. -- Reisinger

Kevin Garnett made these what they were. He made the team successful and he made these jerseys tough, especially with the green tree trim around the sides. The best moments in franchise history came when Garnett & Co. were rocking these and racking up victories. -- Friedell

Widely mocked at the time of their initial release, the Raptors' Dino sets slowly became one of the more beloved jerseys in the NBA. The large dinosaur logo on the chest with the pinstripes was a bit too much at first, but it's all love now. -- Lopez

The red, white and blue stripes and the double-L forming hands reaching for a ball are so iconic that when the Wizards redesigned their jerseys a few years ago, they stuck as close to this design as possible (current NBA rules prevent teams from simply reusing old designs as their primary set). -- Reisinger

Now that Miami has unveiled four "Vice" jerseys -- black, pink, white and blue -- let's just say what needs to be said: These should be the permanent jersey set for the Heat moving forward. This look just oozes Miami culture. If the Heat switched, it would be the best look in the league. -- Lopez

Pictures of Rick Barry and Al Attles in this jersey are a reminder of some fun up-and-down basketball in the Bay. These are so nice that the present-day Warriors still bring these back from time to time to pay homage. -- Friedell

In the 1980s, when the Denver Nuggets introduced new uniforms, they were statistically the fastest team in the NBA. High tempo defined Mile High Basketball, and the franchise even took on-court style to new heights with jerseys featuring a rainbow skyline theme. -- Dodson

When you think of Michael Jordan and the Bulls winning six championships, you think of these jerseys. The red stands out the most. The B-U-L-L-S across the chest. It's what Jordan wore when he dropped 63 at Boston Garden, when he hit the shot over Craig Ehlo and when he walked off against Utah in 1998. -- Lopez

In 1978, the Lakers made a change to their gold home jerseys, reversing the colors of the number and drop shadow. The purple digits pop off the gold mesh, creating a look as flashy as the style of play of the "Showtime" team that wore it. And the white drop shadow gives the numbers on the jerseys a classic feel that fits the history that was made by the players wearing them. -- McMenamin

The biggest shame here is not being able to see these in action for longer than just from 1995-2001. Everything about the Vancouver jerseys were done well, from the 3D font to the jersey edging and even the Grizzly on the shorts. They were awesome. Fans were thrilled to see the Memphis club bust them back out, with a twist in 2019.

Prince was a musical icon. He also happened to be a Minnesota native and a humongous basketball fan, particularly of the Timberwolves. So, in 2019 when the team decided to honor his legacy by designing uniforms that represented his adoration of purple, they instantly became one of the coolest NBA jerseys in the history of the sport.

There are several Lakers jerseys worthy of making such a list. The purple pinstriped kit with the black lettering and gold outline is just about as good as it gets for the best Lakers jersey of all time.

Since the start of the 2017-18 season all NBA jerseys have been produced by Nike. When Nike became the official league outfitter they disregarded the old Home, Road and Alternate naming conventions. This has now been replaced by Association, Icon and Statement jerseys so what does this mean?

When Adidas were the official league provider they made a tradition of Christmas day jerseys, that were worn by the teams unlucky enough to have to play on Christmas day! Nike have so far resisted producing Christmas day jerseys.

Once you have decided which NBA jersey you want to buy you know need to decide which type of jersey you want. There are three levels to NBA jersey, and can be classified easily as good, better and best. We have listed the jerseys below however, Ady and James also discuss the jerseys on the Basketball Noise Youtube Channel (click to subscribe). You can see their discussion below, its worth the watch:

The FastBreak jerseys are currently only available in the USA. Produced by Fanatics (the guys that run the official NBAStore) these jerseys are a good entry price point product. The cheapest of all NBA jerseys they are a replica or takedown of the jerseys the players wear on court. Names and numbers are screen printed onto the jerseys and the jerseys generally have a boxier fit with wider shoulders than those worn in the NBA. A perfect product for young kids or new NBA fans.

Swingman jerseys are the most commonly available NBA jerseys and are currently produced by Nike. They are made from 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles and come with Nike Connected technology allowing you to download an app on your phone and access exclusive team and player content from Nike. The Player name and numbers are applied using a heat sealing technology and the premium mesh fabric with Dri-FIT technology wicks sweat away from your skin to keep you dry. These jerseys are a lot slimmer than the Fast Break versions and are an extremely close representation of what NBA players wear on court. For the majority of fans these are the perfect way to showcase your fandom!

Currently Mitchell and Ness produce all the NBA throwback jerseys with a plethora of options. They follow the same naming convention as the Nike jerseys when it comes to types with both Swingman and Authentic jerseys and shorts being available. These can be easily identified by the hang tags in the bottom right hand corner of all jerseys.

Just what makes an NBA jersey the best is entirely subjective. Everyone has their own design quirks that they prefer. Some love old-school jerseys and others love the latest and greatest uniforms on the court. Even NBA players can be quite vocal for their love of jerseys at different times.

To some, the Toronto Raptors alternate jerseys known as Military Nights might be a bit tacky. To those who support and respect those in the armed forces, these jerseys are probably a seriously big hit.

The jerseys brought a much-needed edge to Toronto, helping them continue to dig their way out of what seems viewed as the silliest jersey in the league with their classic purple Raptors jersey. The color scheme deviating from what fans are used to also makes the jerseys a nice refreshing change of pace.

The switch up to bright red was already a great call for the team, but whoever designed the font for the numbers and lettering deserves a raise. The jerseys are fantastic, and Memphis fans often call for the team to break them out again and again. 041b061a72


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