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Full [HOT] IStripper V1.408 Virtual Strip Club

Can you please consider making a mod where I can Dance (fully nude: 1st song = loose the top, second song = loose the bottoms, third song = do a floor show nude. Earn $20, $40, $60 dollar drinks where I receive 90% of the money, plus a shift pay at the end of shift $50.00 - $200.00 depending on how many drinks I can make) in the Vanilla Unicorn, and live a stripper's life?(I can fill you in on what that looks like) I used to Dance and kinda miss it. {Things like drink and get high at work, a back room for $250.00 to get freaky haha, & party with customer. A functional dressing room. Go cop drug of choice after work, and take them home (and get high at work, sneaking in the bathroom and dressing room). Also, be able to talk to other girls at work. If you can make a mod like this and put it on Patron for a fair monthly, I guarentee you would make a lot of money. Because there are a lot of ex/retired Dancers that still want to dance.

FULL IStripper V1.408 Virtual Strip Club


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