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[S2E5] One Night In Miami

She shares that she has a hard time with having to get so much done that she never has a moment to herself. Khloe, Kim and their friends are on the launch where Khlow shares how the paparazzi are annoying as they follow them around everywhere. Kim also mentions how she feels about the pop-up shop while in Vegas, Kendall is ready to call it a night after dinner.

[S2E5] One Night In Miami


Kim explains that she is working on keeping the good photos up so that all the girls look good instead of having the bad ones sent out to print. Khloe gets Kim to leave as she starts hurling abuses at the sister to get her to leave the room in order to go to a club. At the club, Khloe, Kim and the other girls do not like the vibe and decide to call it a night.

We see news channels covering the news and even contemplating the reality of things. Before the credits roll out, the producer asks Kourtney if she is really married or not. To which she offers a tricky and not concrete reply. Although we know the reality of things now, it would be fun to watch what actually happened that night in Vegas in the upcoming episodes

The planet Corvus is portrayed as a dead and burnt forest, for which Filoni was inspired by the aftermath of the forest fires in Northern California. He thought that would create a haunting and foreboding feeling, and was able to use the setting to help tell the story such as having "a little bit of green and life" appear around Ahsoka in certain scenes.[1] The Magistrate is guarded by two HK-87 assassin droids in the episode. These are based on the HK-47 droid from the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003),[11] but their appearance is closer to droid designs by original Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. They feature the insignia of Thrawn's Seventh Fleet from Rebels.[12]

As he makes his way across town, we descend into another flashback. We see how the rest of that fateful night progresses, how Elektra initially believes she has Murdock pegged only the find out than he is more clever than she first assumed. They hit it off immediately, concluding the night by stealing a high-end sport car.

We talk about our shared experiences, mine being significantly dumber, working in night clubs, as well as the kind of restaurants we loved growing up (with an emphasis on Portland, obviously). We examine the ill-fated Portland Public Market, what went wrong, what went right, and the benefits of getting paid in wine. Did you know that the bar in Cocktail is based on a TGI Fridays? Well, we did. We sure did.

Apartment manager Stu Evans leads two prospective tenants to an a recently vacated apartment, and the three of them are shocked to find the walls covered in blood. The apartment was previously rented to a Cliff Renteria, and Brass informs Grissom that Cliff and his girlfriend skipped town in the middle of the night. Grissom doesn't jump to conclusions, guessing that the blood may belong to an animal; however, tests soon show that the blood is human. Since the human body holds eight pints of blood, Grissom figures their victim is dead.

For Kim's big night, the fashion and beauty mogul, 41, worked her killer curves in silver Vex Latex high-waisted leggings and matching triangle bra top. She completed the metallic look with clear PVC pointed-toe boots, signature oversized shades and long wavy locks.

Jamal's back in the studio with Lucious and Ne-Yo and talking a big tour. The only issue is, Jamal's finally back in a committed relationship with Michael, and he doesn't want to screw it up. While Jamal is ready to take his honey on the road, Lucious advises against it. Seems the first rule of the road is that you've got to be single and in "seduction mode" every single night onstage. While Jamal (and literally everyone else, because come on) is super skeptical of Lucious giving any sort of dating advice, dad's words worm their way deeper into Jamal's brain after another rendezvous with last week's Warhol-lite artist.

Changing the subject, she demanded to know about the alien writing. Ward identifies it as the same one as what he saw on their Belarus mission and mentions that Garrett started drawing that after being injected with GH.325, carving it non-stop, driving him mad. Skye then goes to confront Coulson, who admits that he began carving the symbols after the first night he saw Garrett's writing. When Skye points out that she hasn't experienced the same thing, Coulson theorizes that he and Garrett experienced a negative reaction to GH.325 and she didn't because she might be an alien. As this theory rattles Skye, May interrupts them, announcing that Raina has called and wants to meet.

Up next, was 25-year-old Ronnie Smith Jr. from Miami who performed Usher's "U Don't Have To Call." All three members of the panel enjoyed Ronnie's performance, however Diddy did say that he felt like he needed to feel more from him. And more he got, because with three yes's Ronnie became the second challenge of the night, and chose to go up against James.

The next challenger of the night was 26-year-old pop/R&B singer Noah Barlass from Welch, Oklahoma. Noah performed a stripped back version of Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey's smash hit "The Middle." Afterwards, Meghan told him, "You are so different in the best way" and that he is talented. Meanwhile, Diddy wasn't impressed with Noah's showman ship on stage. However, with three yes's from the judges, and a very loud applause from the audience, he won the chance to take on Jesse or Ali for their seat, and he chose Jesse.

The last challenger of the night was Kateri Bluford, a 23-year-old Gospel singer from Milwaukee, singing "I'm Getting Ready" by Tasha Cobbs Leonard. Meghan loved the performance, and while Diddy also thought Kateri's performance was "solid," he was unsure if she was "ready to eat." But Kateri assured him that she had the talent to take a seat on the Four. So, with three yes's from the panel, it was down to the final challenge of the night: Kateri vs. Ali.

In this season, they head to Miami as they explore the night clubs there, while drama explodes in the house that will leave scars showing. What could they be? What could have happened to leave scarring? This season happened in a few months after season one had ended in 2010. 041b061a72


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