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Nfsu2 Interior Camera Modl

Players will enter photo mode upon reaching the photo shoot. The player can drive, show off their interior customisations and utilise different camera angles in order to find a good shot for the magazine cover.

Nfsu2 Interior Camera Modl

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First reboot of the series, NFSU completely discarded the 6 games released before it and instead focused on racing tuned imports on underground street races. Many features were removed: police chases and interior camera are among the biggest ones. NFSU also ditched the open career mode for a story-driven one (including laughably bad 2003 CGI). This game set the tone for the entre PS2 era. The biggest feature of this game is the extensive car customization, ranging from more power to extreme bodykits and sikk vinyls. This game introduced drag and drift racing, and countryside tracks were replaced with a moderately big city, driven exclusively at night. It also introduced the now-standard nitrous oxide system.


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