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Powerful Preaching Sermons Online

One of the largest collections of sermons in the African-American tradition to aid the busy pastor and preacher. These full-text three point sermons by Dr. L. Ronald Durham transcend race, denomination, and culture, providing powerful sermon ideas and up-to-date application, to address the challenges of Christianity in the 21st century. We invite all preachers to use as your Preaching resource. We have SEVEN LAST WORDS sermons. Now available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD to your email.

Powerful Preaching Sermons Online

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If you write your sermons with one of these powerful word processors, you will likely come up with your sermon outline, copy and paste text from a Bible program or the Internet, and formate it for preaching.

Hear powerful preaching from mighty men of God in the past. Subscribe below to get sermons weekly that will challenge, inspire, convict and help you on the path of life. Preach the Bible is a ministry of North Valley Baptist Church. Sermons are not owned or copyrighted by NVBC.

This process produced a database containing the transcribed texts of 49,719 sermons shared online by 6,431 churches and delivered between April 7 and June 1, 2019, a period that included Easter.2 These churches are not representative of all houses of worship or even of all Christian churches in the U.S.; they make up just a small percentage of the estimated 350,000-plus religious congregations nationwide. Compared with U.S. congregations as a whole, the churches with sermons included in the dataset are more likely to be in urban areas and tend to have larger-than-average congregations (see the Methodology for full details).

The median sermon scraped from congregational websites is 37 minutes long. But there are striking differences in the typical length of a sermon in each of the four major Christian traditions analyzed in this report: Catholic, evangelical Protestant, mainline Protestant and historically black Protestant.3Catholic sermons are the shortest, at a median of just 14 minutes, compared with 25 minutes for sermons in mainline Protestant congregations and 39 minutes in evangelical Protestant congregations. Historically black Protestant churches have the longest sermons by far: a median of 54 minutes, more than triple the length of the median Catholic homily posted online during the Easter study period.

Meanwhile, an analysis of which books of the Bible are cited by name suggests that preachers nationwide, across all major Christian traditions, are more likely to refer to books from the New Testament (90% of all online sermons do so) than the Old Testament (61%).

The final dataset includes sermons publicly posted on the websites of 2,156 evangelical Protestant congregations, 1,367 mainline Protestant congregations, 422 Catholic parishes and 278 historically black Protestant congregations. The remaining congregations could not be reliably classified, belong to other Christian traditions (such as Orthodox Christian denominations) or belong to other faiths; their sermons are not described separately, though they are included in the overall analysis of all sermons online, and they are counted in the total figures. 041b061a72


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