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Flatbed Trailer With Autoload V2

All credit on the original Farming Simulator 15 mod goes to oxtar. I was able to convert it to Farming Simulator 17 and add the universal autoloading feature as well as the tension belts. I am sure oxtar will come out with a fantastic trailer for Farming Simulator 17 and look forward to it, but until he does, please enjoy his converted trailer.You can choose your favorite color for no extra charge.Automatic Loading Script by Hot online TeamThere are tension belts for you to secure your items on the trailerThere is a hitch on the back of the trailer so you can train them together with the ingame dolly.

Flatbed Trailer with Autoload V2

OMG Thank you SO much for this!!!!Literally tonight on my live stream I replaced this trailer (the version with no UAL) with a UAL enabled bail trailer. Then I log off to see this baby. Oh yeah ... my flatbed's coming back :) So, again, thank you!

Me and another guy was using this trailer and it was glitching so bad we tried to sell the trailer because it was so bad with glitching we tried selling it and it crashed my multiplayer game.. color lines were coming out of the trailer!!! be careful using this...IT DOES HAVE ERRORS

Flatbed trailers and trucks help transport various types of equipment, bales, pallets, and other items to and from your FS22 farm. They can also be customized with different colors, wheels, and other options to suit your needs better.

The flatbed trailer is highly versatile and can transport bales, pallets, equipment, or any other vehicle that fits on its platform. The tipper trailer can carry bulk materials such as grains, wood chips, or manure.

This is the Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer mod for FS22, created by TopAce888. The mod adds a realistic and customizable flatbed trailer to the game. It can be used for different purposes.

The 50Ft Gooseneck Transport Trailer is another flatbed trailer mod by 82Studio. It offers extreme versatility and customization for transporting your equipment and goods across the map.

You can also buy unrealistic configurations for some variants (the tipper, the tanker, and the dry spreader.) This update means the trailer can carry significantly more without adding extra weight. 041b061a72


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