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The survival of the smaller Good Burger is threatened by the grand opening of Mondo Burger, with its newly built burger chain and oversized burgers. However, Dexter discovers that Ed makes his own sauce for lunch and suggests adding it to the burgers, which saves Good Burger by vastly increasing its sales. Dexter exploits Ed's gullibility to extort money from him so that he can pay off his debt sooner. Ed promptly signs a contract that gives Dexter 80% of the bonus he receives for his sauce, and Dexter likewise warns Ed against revealing the sauce recipe to anyone. After failing to entice Ed with a higher hourly wage at Mondo Burger, Kurt, who wants the secret sauce for his restaurant, sends an employee named Roxanne to seduce him into revealing the recipe. However, Ed clumsily injures her repeatedly and she ultimately quits her job.

Good Burger


When a dog rejects a discarded Mondo Burger for a discarded Good Burger, a suspicious Ed and Dexter decide to investigate. They infiltrate Mondo Burger's kitchen in disguise and discover that their burgers are artificially enhanced with Triampathol, an illegal food chemical. Kurt discovers them and has them committed to the Demented Hills Asylum, where his acquaintance Wade works as a hospital employee, to prevent them from sharing their discovery. Afterward, Kurt and his henchmen break into Good Burger, find Ed's secret sauce, and begin tainting it with a synthetic toxin called shark poison. Otis, an elderly employee who was sleeping on the premises, catches them red-handed and attempts to call the police, but Kurt sends him to Demented Hills as well. After Otis informs Ed and Dexter about Kurt's scheme, they escape from Demented Hills and hijack an ice cream truck to head back to Good Burger, arriving just in time to prevent anyone from eating the poisoned sauce.

Ed and Dexter return to Mondo Burger to expose their crimes to the police. While Dexter creates a distraction, Ed tries to take a can of Triampathol but clumsily knocks another one into the meat grinder. Inspired, he pours another into the grinder. As Kurt corners Dexter on the roof, Ed suddenly arrives with an empty can. As Kurt mocks Ed's actions, Ed snidely comments to Dexter that the can was not empty when he found it. Mondo Burger then starts to collapse, as the burgers start exploding due to the excess Triampathol. A large artificial burger falls from the roof and smashes Mr. Wheat's newly-repaired car. In the aftermath, Mondo Burger is shut down and Kurt is arrested for poisoning Good Burger's sauce and for using illegal Triampathol. Ed then explains to Dexter that he purposely did what he did to prevent Kurt from manipulating the legal system and escaping conviction, ironically responding to Dexter's questions by saying, "I'm not stupid." Dexter apologizes to Ed for taking advantage of the latter's salary from the sauce and both reconcile, with Dexter tearing up the contract with Ed and telling him that he gets to keep all the profits from his sauce. They return to Good Burger, where their coworkers hail them as heroes.

Leonard Klady of Variety wrote, "The meat of the piece is definitely FDA cinematically approved, and perfect if you like this brand of entertainment with the works."[15] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film two stars out of four, writing "It didn't do much for me, but I am prepared to predict that its target audience will have a good time."[16]

A group of close friends could not imagine a better place to manifest their passion for good food and environmental sustainability. Using locally sourced ingredients and the plant based Impossible Burger patty, Monty\u2019s menu is Impossible-ly good!

"Good Burger'' was not made for me, and if I say I didn't much enjoy it, that wouldn't be useful information. The movie was made for daytime viewers of Nickelodeon, and it's a spinoff from a character first seen in the cable channel's "All That'' comedy series--Ed, a fast-food worker whose life and dreams are dominated by his love for his work, and whose catchphrase, "Welcome to Good Burger,'' is as well-known to kids as "Where's the beef?'' is at the other end of the age spectrum. The movie's stars, Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, also appear on another Nickelodeon series, "Kenan and Kel.'' Good Burger is a small, independent burger stand in the middle of a vague urban landscape (I'm not even sure what state it's supposed to be in--California, probably). Ed (Mitchell) is the counter guy, and he's turned the position behind the cash register into his personal sacred ground; when he's late to work, the whole operation is paralyzed. As the movie opens, he gets a new co-worker named Dexter (Thompson), who desperately needs to earn money because he was driving without a license and crashed into a car much beloved by his teacher, Mr. Wheat (Sinbad).

Dexter was not born to work at the fast-food trade, but he and Ed become good friends, and some of Ed's spirit rubs off. Then a crisis strikes: A gargantuan Mondo Burger stand is opened right across the street. With its towers and searchlights, it looks vaguely like the 20th Century Fox movie logo, and it's managed by a neo-Nazi named Kurt (Jan Schwieterman), who predicts that Good Burger will soon be history.

There's also a sweet little romantic subplot, involving Monique (Shar Jackson), who has a crush on Ed--to no avail, since burgers, of course, are his life. Among the supporting characters is Spatch (Ron Lester), who likes to squash flies on his forehead.

But to understand "Good Burger'' on its intended level, it's necessary, I think, to be between 4 and 11 years old and know about the characters from the cable TV series. The movie is innocent, good-hearted, colorful and energetic, but it doesn't have the kind of sophistication that allowed the Pee-wee Herman movies and TV series to break out of their primary kiddie audiences and appeal to adult viewers.

Kenan Thompson: The shoots were longer for me and Kel, being in pretty much every scene, but it was a pretty straightforward, easy shoot overall. Just hanging out with Abe Vigoda was an awesome thing. And our good buddy Ron Lester was around so that was good times.

The partners started with the idea of opening a plant-based burger stand at a food court in Riverside, Calif. It got delayed and the shop in Koreatown opened in August 2018, a month before the food court, explains Bill Fold, one of the five partners, who has been involved in music management.

Parents need to know that Good Burger is a late-'90s comedy about two dimwitted teenagers who work at a fast food joint and are portrayed as loafers and schemers, until they learn they may lose their jobs. It has an absurd silliness, some reckless driving, mild profanity ("ass"), and a lot of burger-themed pratfalls and puns, but it's ultimately a good-natured slapstick comedy about friendship and doing the right thing.

Ed (Kel Mitchell) and Dexter (Kenan Thompson) may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer at Good Burger -- or the hardest-working -- but that all changes when they learn that competitor Mondo Burger is moving in across the street with plans to put them out of business. Suddenly, loafing doesn't look so good, and they find themselves devising cunning plots to save the burger joint and keep their jobs -- if they can only outsmart the competition.

Similar to Wayne's World, it's a low-brow romp that finds boys being boys but also showing some decent tenacity. Still, kids will love the ridiculous, evil subplot of steroid-packed burgers and the idea of these underdogs saving the world. Parents can appreciate the '90s fashions and that, overall, this is lighthearted fare that reinforces doing the right thing and fixing your mistakes, not to mention shows an era when most teenagers had summer jobs -- remember those?

FADEL: Make that two. Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, who starred in 1997's "Good Burger," are making a sequel. Kenan and Kel return to their roles as Dex and Ed and go back to the same burger joint first featured in a Nickelodeon comedy series. Fans of the "All That" sketches or the "Good Burger" movie won't have to wait long for their order. Filming begins this summer.

The menu is kept simple with four burgers: The All American, The Double Double, The Frisco and The Beyond Mushroom Swiss, plus nostalgic American sides like Frito pies, fries and flavored shakes to wash it all down.

For sides, you've got Good Fries, Good (onion) Rings, Good Pickles, and Good Salad, while for dessert, there's Good Shakes, Good Pies, and Good Cookies. They've got gluten free options, and are also getting into the faux burger craze by stocking Beyond Meat.

Marcello & Anthony, two brothers 6 years apart, decided to collaborate and bring a quaint burger joint to the town they grew up in on Long Island, NY. Open now for over 5 years, No Good Burger Joint has become a home away from home for tons of locals, and for others traveling from near and far, growing their business into something they could have only dreamed of. Recently, the famous burger brothers entered the food truck industry and have just added their second burger truck. They look forward to serving the NYC community and to introducing their food into a new market!

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