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[S1E25] The Long Road

In order to renew his soul, Bronson becomes a vagabond searching for the meaning of life and seeking experiences that life has to offer (as revealed in the series pilot). During his travels, he shares his values with the people he meets along the way and to whom he lends a helping hand when possible. Bronson rides a Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle and, as such, he was viewed by some as a modern version of the solitary cowboy wandering the American west. The motorcycle had previously been sold to Nick by Bronson. After it is left at the scene of the suicide by his friend, Bronson buys it back from the widow.

[S1E25] The Long Road

Pilot: Nick (Martin Sheen), a friend of Jim Bronson, commits suicide after asking Bronson to buy back his motorcycle from his soon-to-be widow Sheree North. Bronson had originally owned and customized the bike, then sold it to Nick when he became a reporter. Nick's tragedy makes Bronson think about the meaning of his life and soon decides to quit the "rat race." He then takes to the road on the motorcycle to discover what life would put in his path.

Bronson helps a reluctant biker in distress, Henry Tate, with a loan when his bike breaks down on the road. In order to repay him Tate takes Bronson to his family's home where he has not visited since he left many years ago. Tate's homecoming causes tribulation for all.

Much like the vagabond Bronson, widower Isadore Katz (David Burns) left his business in New York City and took to the road in a camper to experience new realities and meet new people. Bronson helps Isadore when he runs out of gas but later it is Isadore who helps Bronson after his bike needs repairs. In the process they share the beauty of the terrain and a friendship develops.

The following is considered original research, but done with the utmost accuracy. Spacing, capitalization, line returns, and typos have been left original. Use care when editing. Note that in many cases the dates do not agree, or indicate that the story order is different from the broadcast order, or may cause continuity issues (any of which may or may not have been intended).

Today is my 16th birthday. A major milestone because my driver'slicense is at long last a reality. Which means tomorrow, Sept. 22,I'll be behind the wheel on the way to the Harvest Dance with WandaPlenn, the prettiest most beautiful girl in the whole world.

Kyo is a very handsome teenage boy with a rather tall and muscular build. He has nape-length, bright orange hair with cowlicks sticking out of his head and soft spikes, along with long bangs that hang over his matching orange eyes. His eyes are quite sharp and will occasionally become slit-like.

The year starts with Kyo competing against Yuki during an endurance run, though they are interrupted by Hatsuharu Sohma. Haru challenges Kyo to a duel, but once Yuki starts getting sick, Kyo decides to go back to school and plays poker with Saki, Shigure, and Hiroshi and Yusuke.[21] A day before Valentine's Day, Kyo is invited to a double date with Kagura, Tohru, and Yuki. When Kyo refuses to get along with Yuki, Shigure pushes Kyo too far when he states that, even though he hates Yuki, Kyo is afraid of getting to know him, forcing Kyo to run away. Worrying about him, Tohru catches up to Kyo, encouraging him that he does not have to get along with Yuki if he does not want to.[22]

Frightened of ultimately losing her, he runs away and violently pushes her away when she catches up. But Tohru, although scared and initially repulsed, stays with him because she wants to understand him better and live alongside him. Kyo, who had always wished for someone to acknowledge the real him and want to live life alongside him, hugs her and calls her by name for the first time. He vows to always treasure Tohru and be by her side from then on.[10]

After the second term starts, Kyo tells Kagura that he has something important to tell her, and she insists that she will only listen if he goes on a date with her.[38] During their "date", Kagura realizes how much more level-headed, calm, and gentle Kyo has become. Kagura takes Kyo to the place where she first discovered and ran away from his true form, and ends up she admitting that she had pitied him and used him to feel better about herself, and that the reason she had been so adamant on him returning her feelings is because wanted to ease her own guilt for being repulsed by Kyo's true form. Kyo tells her that he doesn't particularly care since the fact that she used to play with him made him very happy. At the same time, he makes it perfectly clear that he will never fall in love with her. Kagura breaks down in tears while repeatedly telling Kyo that she loves him; realizing that somewhere along the line, she had genuinely fallen in love with him. Kyo pulls Kagura into a hug to console her, and thanks her for everything.[4]

The Cat is not an animal included in the Chinese Zodiac, but legend has it that the Cat may have been included had the Rat not tricked it. As a result, he and Yuki (the current Rat) do not get along well, since Kyo blames Yuki for all his misfortune and mistreatment, and drove him to make a deal with Akito Sohma: that if he defeats Yuki in a fight before graduating high school, he would officially be accepted as part of the Zodiac; however, if he does not, Kyo would be confined inside the Cat's Room for the rest of his life.[6]

According to Natsuki Takaya, when she was developing the series, Kyo was one of the first three characters she developed and was "based on a real person who really transformed into a cat and had to wear a bracelet or would turn into a monster...without any hesitation." She has also stated she deliberately gave Yuki and Kyo different tastes in clothing to distinguish them. Kyo was made as a person with anger issues to give the story a little comedy. Takaya also described the character of Kyo as a powerful force that pulled the story of Fruits Basket along.[48]

During the festival hosted by the Tybur family, Willy Tybur tells the world of the truth about the Walls, the Great Titan War, and King Karl Fritz. He reveals that due to the King's vow of pacifism which prevents the Founding Titan from being used for war, the Wall Titans were never a true threat. However, due to a coup d'état in recent years, the military of Paradis Island have overthrown the previous royal government and rendered the King's ideology of peace ineffective. Now that the Founding Titan belongs to Eren Jaeger, who is seemingly capable of using its powers despite not having royal blood, and without interference from King Fritz's will, the world is truly in danger of the Wall Titans for the first time. Eren himself admits this to be true.[1]

By the time the combined force of the remaining Scout Regiment (Anime) and Warriors reach the harbor, the Titans are long gone from Paradis, their plumes of steam having receded over the horizon. Hange Zoë predicts that the Titans would be able to reach the coast of Marley and annihilate the cities closest to Paradis in the span of a few days. As half a day is required to service the flying boat, they decide to replot their course towards Odiha to buy some time.[7]

The Wall Titans continue their long march through the continent's interior, eventually nearing the port city of Odiha. As they lumber closer towards it, a lone soldier flies up to face them. The soldier is able to slay a few Titans, but succumbs to the intense heat of the Titans' bodies. The Titans proceed to crush Odiha underfoot.

Much of the afternoon was spent discussing design solutions for an unmarked crosswalk on Stringtown Road, a new four-lane road designed to funnel interstate traffic to the new development in Clarksburg. A father begged for a marked crosswalk to help his children and other kids living in new homes reach Clarksburg Elementary School, which backed up to the new road. He brought photographs of women and children crossing at a T-intersection, marked only by curb cuts and a narrow median the county had installed when the road was built. County officials said a signal and a crosswalk must wait years, until completion of the cross street brings more traffic. They fear that simply painting a crosswalk will give the kids a false sense of security. One county official said she had good news for attendees: in the future, the County will stop installing curb cuts that raise expectations prematurely.

In season one, Julie is presented to us, as the classic woman, who would do anything for money. After meeting Jimmy Cooper, a rich family man, Julie falls in love with him and at eighteen years old, becomes pregnant, shortly after, the two get married and Julie gives birth to their first daughter, Marissa Cooper. After living for many years in poverty and have arrived in high society all in a sudden, it changed Julie, infact, she not longer the Riverside girl who was before, now has become a classy woman, wicked, manipulative and calculating, which has remained with Jimmy, only for his money, spending and spreads as her wishes, for her own and his daughters. But, when Jimmy stole money from his clients' trust funds, Julie soon divorced from him, claiming she deserved better. She soon had a passionate love affair with her daughter's ex-boyfriend, Luke Ward. She also begins to date Kirsten's father, Caleb Nichol.

When Frank Atwood returned to Newport to see his son, she welcomes him with an open heart and falls in love with him. She hides their relationship for a long time, but then they start to date officially. Kaitlin doesn't really like having Frank as a stepdad and tries to convince her mother to marry Bullit, but in the end she decides to continue dating Frank. 041b061a72


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